The picture below shows the launch team members for SA-8. Each person has been numbered. Following the picture is a list of these numbers with the corresponding individual’s name. You will note several of the individuals have not been identified.

If you know the name of any of the people in the picture, please contact us, either by email (see the floating tab on the left side of the page) or by the online comments (see the bottom of the page). Include both the person’s number and name in your email or comment. For instance, “7. John Doe”.  If you are using email, please also state the page title, “SA-8”.

SA-8 Launch Team Members

SA-8 Launch Team Members

1. Dr. Eberhard Rees 15. Paul Donnelly 29.
2. Dr. Wernher von Braun 16. Jack Lee 30. Randy McDonnell
3. Dr. Hans Gruene 17. Albert Zeiler 31. Neal Rainwater
4. Marvin “Marv” Williams 18. Pat Yount, CCSD 32. C. W. Dowling
5. Dr. Kurt Debus 19. Jack Humphrey 33.
6. G. Merritt Preston 20. Andrew “Andy” Pickett 34.
7. 21. Lionel “Ed’ Fannin 35. Bill Jewell
8. Al O’Hara 22.  Dick Deagro 36.
9. John Churchill, McDonnell 23. 37. Marion Edwards
10. Jim Starkey, CCSD 24. Dale Armstrong 38.
11. 25. 39. Paul Schmid
12. Max Peacock, CCSD 26. 40. Gene Bishop
13. John Twigg 27.  Richard “Dick” Dietz 41. Frank Bryan
14. Bob Moser 28. 42. Bill Wheeler


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