The picture below shows the launch team members for SA-6.  Each person has been numbered.  Following the picture is a list of these numbers with the corresponding individual’s name.  You will note some of the individuals have not been identified.

If you know the name of any of the people in the picture, please contact us, either by email (see the floating tab on the left side of the page) or by the online comments (see the bottom of the page).  Include both the person’s number and name in your email or comment.  For instance,  ”2.  John Doe”.  If you are using email, please also state the page title, “SA-6”.

Von Braun, Mueller, and Rees in SA-6 blockhouse firing room

SA-6 blockhouse firing room

SA-6 Names

1. Rocco Petrone 10. ?
2. Paul Donnelly 11. ?
3. Ted Sasseen 12. ?
4. ? 13. ?
5. George Mueller 14. Albert Zeiler?
6. Wernher Von Braun 15. ?
7. Eberhard Rees 16. ?
8. Haywood “Matt” Matthews 17. Lee James
9. Sam Phillips 18. ?


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