These pictures of NASA’s Rockwell contractors were taken by Fred Cordia between 1968 and 1972.  Rockwell worked on the S-II stage of the Saturn V rocket.  Unlike the other LVO contractors listed on this website, Rockwell did not work on ASTP, so the photographs are different and come from a slightly earlier time.

Following each picture is a list of the people in the photos.  You will note some of the individuals have not been identified.

If you know the name of any of the people in the pictures, please contact us, either by email (see the floating tab on the left side of the page) or by the online comments (see the bottom of the page).   When identifying an individual, first specify the picture (e.g., Rockwell #1), then specify both row and identifying information before specifying the name.  For instance, in the middle row, the man close to the left with the yellow shirt would be “Rockwell #1, Kneeling/Squatting, Man with yellow shirt and dark tie, is Joe Blow.”

Rockwell Picture #1

This picture and the following picture (Rockwell #2) appear to have been taken on the same day (same wardrobe options), but in two different locations and formations.

S-II Launch Crew (Rockwell)

S-II Launch Crew (Rockwell)

Note:  The second person in on the front row above (to the left of the man with the yellow shirt) appears to be kneeling, but was classified below as part of the “Sitting” row below because of his location.

Standing – Left to Right Kneeling/Squatting Sitting (Front Row)
Roy Masters ?? ??
?? ?? ??
Wilson Behney ?? Gerry Sheehan
Egon Radzins ?? Egon Radzins
Ed Carpenter ?? Don Shrader
Roger Lyons ?? Phil Barteau
?? ?? Fred Cordia
Doug Marshall Molly Guadaloupe John Perry
Spencer Earnhardt Rich Robitaille Ken Meecham
?? Don Stibich
?? Byron Andrews
Don Hendrix Norm Mayeda
Russ Brown Ray Jones
Hal Crawford
Herm Billings
Art Edwards
Will Miner
Larry Gladu
Chuck Weidrich
Pierre Schoener
Ray Reedy
John Plowden
Bob Gordon
Chuck Beckner


Rockwell Picture #2

S-II Launch Crew (Rockwell)

S-II Launch Crew (Rockwell)

Standing – Left to Right Kneeling/Squatting Sitting
Roy Masters Roger Lyons John Perry
Bob Tubielewicz Don Hendrix Don Shrader
Egon Radzins ?? Byron Andrews
Norm Mayeda Wilson Behney
Russ Brown ??
Bill Moore ??
?? Molly Guadaloupe Lying Down
Chuck Weidrich Rich Robitaille ??
Larry Gladu Don Stibich
?? Chuck Beckner
Pierre Schoener Hal Roper
Will Miner Phil Barteau
Ray Jones
Bob Gordon
Hal Crawford
Spencer Earnhardt
Gerry Sheehan
Ken Meecham
Art Edwards
Ed Carpenter
Ray Reedy


Rockwell Picture #3

S-II Launch Crew (Rockwell)

S-II Launch Crew (Rockwell)

Standing – Left to Right Kneeling/Squatting
Fred Cordia ??
Herm Billings Byron Andrews
Bill Moore Bob Pierce
Ron Smith Molly Guadaloupe
Ray Jones Russ Brown
?? Danny Miyashiro
Doug Marshall Don Hendrix
?? Rich Robitaille
Dave Cleland Lloyd Stephens
Frand DeMattia Bob Gordon
Art Edwards Bill McKee
Will Miner
Wayne Robinson
Hank DuBois
Paul Rodden
Kieth Milbrandt
Norm Mayeda
Bob Roderick
Tom Martin
Hal Crawford
Ed Rodgers
Hank Dinneno


Rockwell — 3 Comments

  1. I believe my dad, Chuck Beckner, is in the 2nd picture kneeling behind the guy in the red shirt. I’d know those ears anywhere. He is currently living in Noblesville, Indiana.

  2. Pretty busy now. I was not in any of these because some of us had to stay on station and get the work done. Chuck Beckner (now living in Ohio) is on the right end, back row. Wilson Behney is the third one from the left standing and Bob Thatcher is the sixth from the left in the first photo.

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