McDonnell Douglas

The following images show McDonnell Douglas contractors at KSC at a “Thank You” ceremony after the ASTP launch.  Although there is a small amount of overlap between the two pictures (the right side of the top picture overlaps with the left side of the bottom picture), each person has been numbered once and only once.  Following the picture is a list of the numbers with the corresponding individual’s name.  You will note some of the individuals have not been identified.

If you know the name of any of the people in the picture, please contact us, either by email (see the floating tab on the left side of the page) or by the online comments (see the bottom of the page).   When identifying an individual, specify both row and number before specifying the name.  For instance, in the middle row, the man on the left with the darker shirt and tie would be “Middle Row No. 1, Joe Blow.”  If you are using email, please also state the page title, “McDonnell Douglas”.

McDonnell Douglas Contractors, left side of picture

McDonnell Douglas Contractors, left side of picture

McDonnell Douglas Contractors, right side of picture

McDonnell Douglas Contractors, right side of picture


Number Front Row Middle Row Back Row
1 Lloyd Bertsch Royce English ?
2 Nelson Nuez Harvey Lanier John Lathrow
3 Marion Durant ? Larry Rowe
4 Charlie Townsend Charlie Faulkner Dick Bauman
5 Barney Brown Delores Weaver R. J. Stewart
6 Gerry Teague Aileen Lott Jerry Schmidt
7 Earl Snyder ? Gene Dunn
8 Burt Adams Dr. Hans Gruene, NASA Vince Stranese
9 Mel Hastings ? (Directly behind Dr. Gruene) ?
10 Bud Bietel Paul Johnson C. Kleinschmidt
11 Frank Mohme Isom “Ike” Rigell, NASA Ed Bradley
12 John Crane Eileen Herman ?
13 Ed Deserio Russ Leonard Dean Chrisman
14 Jim Falscroft George Faenza Walt Posey
15 ? ?
16 ? ?
17 Ross Cooper John Jeffries
18 Ralph Marlett Bob Culpepper
19 Walt Kapyran, NASA Ralph Griffin
20 ? Duane Johnson
21 Bud Blankenship Bobby Webber
22 Bob Butler ?
23 ? Jerry Mook
24 Paul Donnelly, NASA ?
25 Al Loupe Jerry Soloman
26 George Thurn ?
27 Hank Groth ?
28 Woody Brecken
29 Bill Tyler
30 Bill Schutte
31 ?
32 Ed Scully
33 Don Ceasar
34 Becky Faenza
35 ?
36 ?
37 George Frogner
38 Hamp Moran
39 ?
40 ?
41 Bob Gunn
42 ?
43 Elmer Yoemans


McDonnell Douglas — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, we’ll be getting you a higher-resolution, unnumbered copy of the picture, at the email address that you supplied. We’re looking now to see if we have other pictures of your father in our archives.

  2. Hello, I am the daughter of Larry Rowe, who is in the picture and properly identified. He passed away in 1993. Is it possible to get a copy of this picture? Are there other team photos that may include my father? Respectfully, Cynthia Rowe Smith

  3. After enlarging the picture of the McDonnell Douglas Team, I’m able to positively identify my-self in the back row as number 23 – Jerry Mook (that is not Charlie Wofford)

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