The following images show Chrysler contractors at KSC at a “Thank You” ceremony after the ASTP launch.  Although there is a small amount of overlap between the two pictures (the right side of the top picture overlaps with the left side of the bottom picture), each person has been numbered once and only once.  Following the picture is a list of the numbers with the corresponding individual’s name.  You will note a couple of the individuals have not been identified.

If you know the name of any of the people in the picture, please contact us, either by email (see the floating tab on the left side of the page) or by the online comments (see the bottom of the page).   When identifying an individual, specify the number before specifying the name.  For instance, in the middle-ish row, the man with the mustache directly above #21 would be “No. 53, Joe Blow.” If you are using email, please also state the page title, “Chrysler”.

Chrysler Contractors, left side of picture

Chrysler Contractors, left side of picture

Chrysler Contractors, right side of picture

Chrysler Contractors, right side of picture

Chrysler Contractors

1 Ken Adrian 33 Ray Monshor 65 Ky Yamasaki
2 Tom Allen 34 Dino Salvador 66 Corky Lamb
3 Bill Pittman 35 Cliff Boot 67 Carl Hampton
4 Dick Lewis 36 Walt Kapryan, NASA 68 Fred Peterson
5 Cleo Wren 37 Ernie Benziger 69 John McCrane
6 Dick Ruffi 38 Jerry Brown 70 Jack Hoffman
7 Dean Kelly 39 Danny Despriet 71 Chet Durnin
8 Ed Burke 40 Ray Burkhart 72 John Rathjen
9 Len Childers 41 Ron Howard 73 Preston Beck
10 Jim Pittman 42 Stan Olsen 74 Ed Bretzius
11 Betr Beem 43 Bill Bouwsma 75 Emmet Spencer
12 Gene Zawacki 44 Jerry Farmer 76 Ray Bond
13 Steve Cummings 45 Bill Thibodeaux 77 Jack Adams
14 Don Brown 46 Carl Brinkman 78 Dave Ryser
15 Bob Kelso 47 Lee Benton 79 Ollie Bridges
16 Bill Whitaker 48 Mark Allen 80 Jack Teel
17 Bob Hall 49 Elmer Grabloski 81 Tommy Waring
18 Virgil Powell 50 Andy Petrow 82 John Morgan
19 Curt Bennewitz 51 ? 83 Bill Weir
20 Bob Farrell 52 Linda Mobley 84 W. O. Brown
21 Al Thor 53 ? 85 James Ford
22 Sisto Marsico 54 Paul Griffin 86 Larry Robedeau
23 Jack Zartman 55 Allen McDonald 87 Dudley Gay
24 Maggie Marsico 56 Macy Carnley 88 Moreno Dungan
25 John Gelzer 57 Eddey Rodrequez 89 John Hughes
26 Paul Quandt 58 Mel Ball 90 Al McDavitt
27 Chat Harman 59 Bob Weinberg 91 Chisk Hoff
28 Harry Bell 60 Bill Matthews 92 Jim Sanders
29 Ken Stewart 61 Deon Smith 93 Ernie Allen
30 Dr. Hans Gruene, NASA 62 Bob Eddy 94 Mike Samodai
31 Paul Donnelly, NASA 63 Dock Hales
32 Isom “Ike” Rigell, NASA 64 Randy McDonald


Chrysler — 2 Comments

  1. The man numbered 80 is my father Jack Ely Teel. He worked with Chrysler for about 7 or 8 years and over 40 at the Cape overall. He passed in 2005. A great father he was.

  2. I was not present for photo but worked for CCSD from 65-68 as a technician at QLDS complex 34 & 37. I enjoyed looking at the photo and some of my old friends.

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