The following images show Boeing contractors at KSC at a “Thank You” ceremony after the ASTP launch.  Although there is a small amount of overlap between the two pictures (the right side of the top picture overlaps with the left side of the bottom picture), each person has been numbered once and only once.

Following the picture is a list of the numbers with the corresponding individual’s name.  You will note a few of the individuals have not been identified, or the identification is uncertain.

If you know the name of any of the people in the picture, please contact us, either by email (see the floating tab on the left side of the page) or by the online comments (see the bottom of the page).

When identifying an individual, please specify both row and number before specifying the name.  For instance, in the middle row, the man on the left with the darker shirt and tie would be “Middle Row No. 1, Joe Blow.”  If you are using email, please also state the page title, “Boeing”.

Boeing Contractors, Left side of picture

Boeing Contractors, Left side of group picture

Boeing contractors, right side of group picture

Boeing Contractors, Right side of group picture

Front Row Middle Row Back Row
Cut out of picture on left – Clarence Detro Arm on left – Bob Claudio
1 Rocky Calvetto 1 Ralph McKee 1 Top of bald head directly behind Ralph McKee – ?
2 Bill Parsons 2 Les Cottrell 2 Marion Lenney
3 Jim Cole 3 Julian Baggett 3 Hardy Hardcastle
4 Keith Svendby 4 Billy Melton 4 Sharon Crockett
5 Doug Kelly 5 Bill Heink 5 Andy Hernandez
6 Jim Crutchfield 6 Glenn Roberts 6 Ron Miller
7 Ken Robbins Top of head – Bob Bucina 7 Don Weinberg
8 Earl Purvis 7 Paul Donnelly, NASA 8 Buddy Heilig
9 John Yancey 8 Dick Adams 9 Doris Mauney
10 George Clark 9 Dr. Hans Gruene, NASA 10 Gene Mount
11 Art Niergarth 10 Joe Skowron Top of Head – Jim Owens
12 Gale Griebel 11 Jerry Hewitte 11 Marvin Wright
13 Dick Smith 12 Isom “Ike” Rigell, NASA 12 Dave Rosine
14 Charlie Smith 13 Norm Lundberg 13 Bill Atkinson
14 Art Scholz 14 Harry Harrison
15 Tom Sherrington 15 John Stephens
16 Al Holmes 16 Elmer Vinson
17 John Cully 17 Phil Hart
18 Bill Holmes 18 Chase Reed
19 Walt Kapryan, NASA 19 George Shluter
20 Beth Thrash 20 Donna Barnes
21 Denny Hajduk 21 Ernie Tholke
22 Bill Liscomb 22 Cory Robinson
23 Tom Lookabaugh 23 Dave Barnes
24 Russ Bausch 24 Maxine Henderson
25 Barry King 25 Joe Eckhoff
26 Chuck Frost?
27 Sim Rome?
28 Al Rubin
29 Bill Marshman
30 John Keller
31 Ron Lander
32 Dave Vevera
33 Al Schwindt
34 Coz Todaro
35 Barney Barnes
36 Cindy Carter
37 Alice Bennett
38 Carol Mundy
39 Nellie Yeisley
40 Burl McElhaney
41 Roland Robin
42 Bill Wheeler, NASA
43 Carl Grothe


Boeing Saturn Launch Team

Boeing Saturn Launch Team

Before you start identifying the individuals, you might also enjoy the autographed picture of the Boeing Saturn Launch Team we’ve included here. This picture was found at in a discussion column 4/30/2013, posted by “warhawk”, a member of the site

The site claims copyright for all material. Although we are looking for “warhawk”, if anyone knows who this is, please contact us.

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