The following images show Grumman contractors at KSC throughout their history at KSC.

Following each picture is a list of the numbers with the corresponding individual’s name. You will note some of the individuals have not been identified, or the identification is uncertain.

If you know the name of any of the people in the picture, please contact us, either by email (see the floating tab on the left side of the page) or by the online comments (see the bottom of the page).

Lunar Module (LM) Team 1

This team helped create the first LM. The people involved were somewhat different than those on later LMs.

LM1 Team

Lunar Module 1 (LM1) Team

1. ? 11. ? 21. ?
2. Bill Goldsmith 12. ? 22. Heinz Baumgartner
3. ? 13. Frank Freoto, Jr. 23. Fred Losee
4. ? 14. Charlie Farrell? 24. ?
5. ? 15. ? 25. ?
6. ? 16. ? 26. ?
7. ? 17. Neal Warren
8. ? 18. ?
9. Ray Russo 19. ?
10. ? 20. ?


Lunar Module (LM) Team 4

The following people worked on the LM4 team.  They were representative of most of the teams following the original LM team.

Grumman LM4 Team

Grumman LM4 Team

1. ? 11. ? 21. ?
2. ? 12. ? 22. ?
3. ? 13. ? 23. ?
4. Walt Dermody 14. ? 24. ?
5. Frank Freoto, Jr. 15. ? 25. ?
6. ? 16. ? 26. ?
7. ? 17. ? 27. Julie Goldfarb
8. ? 18. ? 28. ?
9. ? 19. ? 29. ?
10. ? 20. Ray Russo


Ground Support Team

Ground Support (GSE) Team

Grumman Ground Support (GSE) Team


Grumman — 13 Comments

  1. I am interested in any information on Gordon T. Smith who worked as an “Electronics Technician” for Grumman Aircraft in Brevard County, Florida. He died in Brevard County, Fl on July 27, 1968. I think he may have worked on the Apollo lunar module project. He was originally from Hempstead, Nassau County, Long Island, New York.

  2. My father, Kenneth Barnes, was one of the Grumman engineers working at KSC on the Lunar Module for Apollo 11. Are there higher resolution photos or additional photos? I would love to see his face again!

    • We are sorry, we can’t get any that are higher resolution. We talked to Grumman, and for many reasons they can’t release any originals. We can only use the yearbook copies we have here.

  3. No. 22 on the LM 1 photo is my father, Heinz Baumgartner. He was an electrical design engineer who worked on the propulsion system.

  4. My father, John Caldwell, Design Engineer, said that he worked on the design for the LM legs- Grumman Bethpage (later Calverton NY)

  5. I am looking for Curtice Raphael he said he worked on the LM1. He got a job with Grumann in NY after he got out of the Navy around 1966. Would appreciate any information.

    • Pamela, perhaps the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island could point you in the right direction. It is connected with Grumman, and its number is 516-572-4111. It might have a list of former Grumman employees.

  6. Do you have any higher resolution photos of the LM teams? I think my father might be in one of them. Also, if you know the dates that the photos were taken, that would help too.

    Thank you,
    Rob Kalmar

    • The LM 1 team would have been late 1967; LM 4 would have been Jan-Feb 1969. We will see what we can do about the resolution. These were scanned from a Grummon yearbook; the originals were about the resolution you see here.

  7. I’m interested in the LM guidance and navigation software, as well as in the mission simulators software.
    Any ideas on how to get the most technical information on these topics?

  8. #19 on team 1 also looks like my father, but if these photos are at Kennedy Space Center, I doubt it’s Frank Noon, I don’t remember him ever being down at Kennedy for work. he was always at Bethpage as far as I know

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